Grab your replay access to our 2020 Womb Healing Virtual Retreat/Summit

Grab your love thangs, besties, spouses, partners, the most important people you feel safe with...

Join me as I bring 20 years of professional experience, and my own personal healing journey to the table to talk about sexual pleasure, embracing your own sexuality and finding freedom in using sex, intimacy and personal power as your healing tool, along with other dynamic coaches and healers. 

We shy away from sex when we've been shamed, ridiculed, and judged, made to feel its dirty or immoral. Let's dive into those thoughts and discuss the powerful ways that sex can support us in healing. 

And Womb Healing isn't just for women, it's for MEN too! So however you identify on the spectrum of sexual identity and gender, we talked about it ALL. 

Grab your access to the replays and supercharge your healing journey with some womb healing and up, spice up your sexual pleasure! :)

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